Austin Kahn

Fidget Face

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 4.34.16 PM.png

Market Opportunity

Noticing the popularity and normalization of the use of Emoji's in modern communication, a partner (handles business side) and I set out to create an Emoji-themed toy.

Our first direction was towards a workplace desk toy, until we came up with the concept of a slot-machine product that has a hint of 'fidget' (fidget spinner) in it, but is not so similar that its popularity will correlate with that of fidget spinners and related 'fidget' toys.



I set out looking for ways a product can attach to the body (outerwear) while being 'on display'. A key component of the Fidget Face is the ability have a selected face on display for others to see. 


Looking at the shoe, I explored different ways to attach a similar sized product. Making a quick blue foam mock-up helped me both visualize and feel the presence of a shoe-attached product.


Coming back to the original concept of a handheld product, I looked at different forms, which lead me to create a head-like tapered shape. 


Final Direction


Taking a step back and thinking about the original concept of the product, which is to be an interactive, entertaining, emoji-themed toy. 

During the concept ideation/development process, the product became more of a 'fidget' toy than an emoji toy. 

With the goal of licensing this product to a toy manufacturer, it needs to be able to go the next year or so without losing popularity, something that I believe fidget toys cannot do. Emoji's on the other hand, are becoming an essential part of the way people communicate, which will keep this product 'in style' for a long time.