Austin Kahn

Project Background

I was instructed to produce 32 'Calling Cards' with the only constraints being the inclusion of my name and a form of contact, and that it be smaller than 3"x4"x1"

My focus was on the experience of the person receiving the 'card'. In order to have someone remember me, which is one of the main functions of a calling card, I knew I had to create a memorable experience for them

Features Overview


The ability to rotate each number disk around the vertical axis and the appropriate size of the product allows for it to be easily fidgeted with. 


The juxtaposition between my 'card' and the standard business card allows my card to standout, and being that it has a significant physical presence, as well as a function to, which will hopefully keep my impression fresh in the 'reciever's' mind.


Final Product

The top layer communicates my name and affiliated company, and as the product is engaged with, my phone number, which is sequentially engraved the layers, is revealed